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Two required safety measures when hydrofoiling There is no question that hydrofoiling is growing extremely rapidly across the world. More companies are making boards at different price ranges, new hydrofoil competitions are emerging, schools are beginning to offer lessons and hydrofoil board rentals; these all signs of a growing industry. When learning to hydrofoil at an IKO center you will be receiving an impact vest, helmet and proper instruction. As the trend has risen we hear more and more horror story of pirate instructors who do not have proper progression or safety measures “teaching” others how to hydrofoil only to have them get injured. It is important that no matter your level when you are learning and throughout your progression to continue using an impact vest and most importantly a helmet. We have unfortunately witnessed far too many hydrofoil board accidents. Hydrofoil accidents are worse than most other forms of accidents as with a hydrofoil it usually ends up being deep flesh wounds. What we have seen is that whether or not someone who is hydrofoiling agrees with wearing safety protective equipment or not, eventually they convert after a close call or accident. So what do you say? Should you always wear a helmet and impact vest when hydrofoiling or no point?

Date Added: 11/05/2019 14:34 by IKO International Kiteboarding Organization