Ruben Lenten

Our planet is in danger more than ever, that's for sure. How has it come this far so quickly right?! I love the fact how we are all becoming more united sharing a common voice and really changing to make a difference. I encourage myself and us all to keep on making changes and taking action for the better. It feels so wrong to encounter so much plastic everywhere I go, whilst grocery shopping or ordering online, straws or takeaways in restaurants... these are the small changes that we still need to keep on tackling. We're not there yet and of course the bigger impacts have to be made by the companies to change whole production cycles and materials. It's happening but please HURRY and KEEP GOING. ❤ #PlanetEarth #MotherNature #Protect #United #SmallChange #BigChange #LetsGo #OceanaEurope #SeaTrees #ByeByePlastic #StayPlasticFree

Date Added: 08/10/2019 11:34 by Ruben Lenten