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-New affiliation- IKO Center: Kite School Pro Sylt Affiliation date: 20th August 2020 With almost exactly 100 kilometers of coastline, Sylt is one of the surf hot spots on the islands of the European north. That means for all of you kite surfing at the northernmost point of Germany and that under the best conditions for kite surfing beginners, intermediates and advanced. The best kite surfing conditions are from the beginning of April / May to the end of October. During this time, the wind power is hard to beat. The team are kite surfers out of passion and our top priority, is your safety We see ourselves as a small family that works together like clockwork. This guarantees you a maximum of training competence. We cordially invite you to learn this wonderful sport - which brings the elements that the earth gave us and harmonizes - to learn with us without "pressure" and "must". Very important: there is no "must now" in kite sport as it is influenced by countless factors. . Always remember, it is not important what others think, what you think about yourself is important. So then; Let's start from Zero to Hero!

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