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Congratulations Steven Brok on being this week's featured IKO Instructor! Keep up the great work Qualification: Instructor Level 2 IKO Center: Leerkitesurfen.eu From Emily Hengeveld Living legend Stephen Brok If you want to learn to kite well, you have to go to Stephen Brok. He takes time for his lessons, the lesson time only starts when you are on the water. He is very involved in your process, with a good dose of humor. That is necessary, because sometimes learning can be frustrating, haha. He has a lot of patience and enjoys teaching. That is concrete and noticeable. He really pushes you and I think you learn with him in 3 lessons what you would otherwise have learned in 5 lessons. This man is a legend. If Stephen Brok is your instructor, you are very lucky! Prepare yourself for your lessons now with 25+ hours of online learning in the Kiter Membership: https://www.ikointl.com/ZZo

Date Added: 16/11/2020 19:51 by IKO International Kiteboarding Organization