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Should you get coached when you are an intermediate kitesurfer? No matter how fast or slow we progressed in our kitesurfing, at some point we will eventually slow down. We get to a point where we are not progressing as fast as we used to and this is exactly the moment where we plateau. Most people when they learn to kiteboard, use an Instructor up until they become independent. They take the initial course package and once they can ride upwind and/or manage themselves they go off all on their own. At this point, those that are ambitious start testing and pushing their limits to begin developing their skills whilst some others take their time and just enjoy the beauty in the basics. It was rare before though now it is becoming more common for an intermediate kiter to get 1 on 1 coaching or join a clinic to improve their level. As kiters we often forget the power of getting coached. All the greats of any sport has a coach by their side and mentor to help. A coach will be especially useful for when you have slowed down or plateaued as they will help invigorate and guide you once again to improve in any direction you wish. To answer the question of if one should seek out coaching even if they are at an intermediate kitesurfing level? The answer is a definite yes! We all have room for improvement and/or plateau at some point which is why it is good to get some coaching to challenge and push ourselves to stay excited about the sport we love. What is your level and have you ever considered getting coached? Would you prefer getting coached one on one or within a group clinic environment?